Greenwood Lake Police Department : 911

Protecting and serving residents of Greenwood Lake, NY 845-477-9211

Orders of Protection

Orders of Protection and Temporary Orders of Protection as know in New York State and Restraining Orders, as known in other jurisdictions, are not issued by a police office or police department. Those orders can only be issued by the Court.

Police can sometimes assist in acquiring an order, provided an offense is already filed or the request accompanies an information or complaint to be filed with the local criminal court. A police officer may be required to serve upon the defendant or respondent, a duty issues Order of Protection or Temporary Order of Protection.

Village Justice Nancy DeAngelo, can only issues an Order of Protection or a Temporary Order of Protection that is based on an offense filed in her court. The victim of the offense need be the requesting party or the parent or guardian of a child and the child is a victim, but other exceptions may apply, including when a local criminal court justice is acting as a superior court justice. There may also be restrictions that so not allow a local criminal court justice the ability to issue a protection order. The Village Justice, at her own discretion, can issue an order of protection or temporary order of protection without the consent of the victim.

A superior court judge can issue an Order of Protection of a Temporary Order of Protection even when an offense has not been filed in his court. these offenses are usually a family matter, such as a domestic incident and are commonly issued by the Family Court. In Orange County, the process begins at the Probation Intake Unit, 255-275 Main Street, Goshen, NY 10924, where they will assist in the processing of the required documents. They can be reached at 845-291-4750.


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