Greenwood Lake Police Department : 911

Protecting and serving residents of Greenwood Lake, NY 845-477-9211

Incident & Accident Reports

Any request for a police incident report or an accident report must be directed through the Village Clerk’s office, Village Hall, 18 Church St., P.O. Box 7, Greenwood Lake, NY 10925 (Tel: 845-477-9215 Office Hours: 8:00 am-4:00 pm Monday-Friday). Please provide as much information as possible to help expedite your request. A fee schedule (see below) as permitted by law, may apply to cover the cost of copying the document. All fees are collected and paid through the Clerk’s office.

That law required a response to your request within five (5) business days when made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and either the document(s) must be provided, denied or a reasonable time frame provided when the documents, might be available or denied.

The desired information may be protected and not able to be disclosed, particularly if an arrest has not been made, a suspect or person being interviewed is not entitled to know the identity of the complainant. Even a victim is not arbitrarily entitled to all details contained in a report. An attorney or judge might otherwise be required to subpoena the information.

There are many privacy issues where, for example, the names of district attorneys, police officers, victims, witnesses, complainants and other persons interviewed can be redacted. Police techniques and certain actions can also be redacted. The Civil Rights Law forbids the release of information concerning victims of sex crimes. A person’s right to privacy might very well outweigh a person’s right to know. Similarly, even police officers are not informed of the identity of callers who might report an alleged incident to the state’s Child Abuse Hotline. Social service agencies, such as welfare, cannot even provide information about their clients to police unless the crime is directly related to that agency function.

Even when an arrest is made, the defendant is not necessarily entitled to the identity of the victim, witness, etc., unless the identity of the victim, witness, etc. had been contained in the accusatory instrument needed to arraign the defendant. Due process must take place and the information may otherwise become available through discovery proceedings or other judicial settings.

The Criminal Procedure Law provides that records relating to matters wherein a person is acquitted should be sealed and not disclosed. Wherein, as many cases, a person was not charged with the commission of a crime or offense and the legal opinion provided to the department, it is protected from disclosure.

Generally a minimum of five (5) business days are needed for the processing, review and administrative approval of a Police Accident Report, Form MV 104A.

Alarm Fee’s (Resident) $100.00
Alarm Fee’s (Non-Resident) $200.00
Accident Report $10.00
Investigative report $10.00 per report
Police Photos $10.00 per page
Finger Printing $10.00 Resident
$20.00 Non resident

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