Greenwood Lake Police Department : 911

Protecting and serving residents of Greenwood Lake, NY 845-477-9211

Crime Victim Assistance

You may be eligible for compensation from the New York State Crime Victims Board for items such as “lost wages, medical expenses, counseling, funeral expenses, essential personal property, occupational rehabilitation, moving expenses or crime scene cleanup.” Police and the court can help protect you against harassment and intimidation. Information brochures and information cards may be found at our police station or any location in New York State where a crime may be reported. Compensation application s might also be available at those locations, and on-line.

The Orange County Crime Victims Assistance Program can assist with explanations of court proceedings, referral to agencies for emotional support and assistance, preparation of Crime Victim Impact Statements for the court presenting the victim’s views regarding sentencing and restitution. They may also assist with accompaniment to court, to a police station, to the district attorney’s office, for Grand Jury testimony. They can also assist with Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention, preparation of Family Offense Petitions for Family Court, and assistance in filing compensation claims with the New York State Crime Victims Board for eligible medical, counseling and out-or-pocket expenses.


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